Core3D Athletic Function Assessments

Our process is thorough, noninvasive and most importantly it works. Core 3D provides access to cutting-edge biomechanics analysis tools, using 3-D Motion Analysis to diagnose performance.

 Using specialised 3D Motion Analysis, we can capture functional movement data, and turn this into a digital model. Through modelling an athlete’s motion, the guesswork is taken out of identifying any flaws or restrictions in coordination that are holding athletes back.

Biomechanics for Sports Improvement

Biomechanics involves the analysis of human motion using the principals of physics and physiology. As we perform physical movements such as running, or a golf swing, the muscles within the body create force and tension across joints to produce the desired movement. 

Through biomechanics we can measure and assess that movement, in order to understand the movement patterns and stress created at joints. This allows us to increase athletic performance while decreasing injury potential.