Improve Sporting Accuracy and Performance

Whether you are a golfer, tennis player, triathlete, AFL player or someone seriously competing at the top level of their sport we can now help you specifically improve your athletic performance.

Using our technical performance assessment, we can collect the biomechanical data on your swing, serve, run or kick!

Professional and Elite Athlete Training  

Your sports specific motion is first captured by our video sensors before being analysed and turned into a 3D anatomical representation of you performing your key sports functions.

This data allows us to further analyse your performance through movement pattern evaluation.

Your data will provide key insights into the following areas:

• Power Generation - individual body segment speeds and their contribution to overall velocity
• Stability - the coordination of muscle groups and their interaction to provide a stable platform
• Muscular Loading - the muscles and coordination between lower and upper body
• Performance Outcome – specific to your sport, this will reveal the measure of efficiency in your gold swing for instance or tennis serve. 

Based on your individual analysis we prescribe a progressive skills training solution to improve performance, efficiency and coordination.