At Core3D we use the most advanced Golf Biomechanical 

3D Motion Analysis Systems available - GEARS.

GEARS is the most accurate system to track, measure and analyse every part of your golf swing mechanics -
club path, hand path, swing plane, club face angle, angle of attack, shaft flex and much more. 

We can improve your golf by

1. Improving your coordination and movement patterns. 

2. Ensuring your club, shaft, lie angle are the perfect fit for you. 

We have years of experience working with golfers of all levels from around the world. You will receive simple exercises and drills that we can ensure are right and correct for you tested live on our GEARS system. Your club will be set up perfectly to match your swing instead of you manufacturing a swing to suit your club. 

No longer will you waste hours on the practice range only to find you are not improving and often going backwards.
Only correct practice with the correct club fitted for you will give you great results. If you are serious about your golf,
CORE3D Performance will help you.

Biomechanical 3D Analysis